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The channel faders on the board aren't working. However, when I hit "full on" or a chase pattern, the lights come up.

I did all the basic checks (crossfades, DMX cable switchout, etc).

I'm not even clear whether the problem is with the dimmer or the board!?!

I checked the external fuses on the dimmer and they all looked fine. I wasn't sure about the internal fuse- I could barely see it. Could it be that?

Any help would sure be appreciated.

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Nothing happens when I set them to full either.

The channels on the dimmer pack are set to "d".

Thanks, though. Any other ideas?

I'm just going to add the back story before everything went wonky b.c. it might offer a clue...
I had been playing with my co-workers new LED pars that he built from a kit. After some experimenting with DIP addresses, I was able to have them running off the board with the traditional fixtures running off the board as well. All was dandy and then it wasn't!
BTW, we didn't have a terminator on the LED.
Hmmm, you said everything was fine and then just stopped? Sounds like an issue with the console then. I would call Elation support.

Now this is an off the wall theory, and highly unlikely. You mentioned home made LED pars. It might be possible that something shorted out and fried the DMX control portion of the console. Not this is the highly unlikely part, because you said that chases work, not the faders. So that means the DMX out still works. I am not 100% sure of the internal electronics of a Scene Setter, so I don't know if it splits the signals internally between other parts and just uses HTP on the out. This might be the case, it might not. Again, just a highly unlikely theory.

At any rate, still call Elation tomorrow. I am sure they will be able to help you out.

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