For profile requests, please email me a link to the user manual of the fixture you are requesting along with which program you are requesting it for. (CompuShow, CompuLive or Emulation)

Email Requests to:

Please Note: Unless otherwise already worked out ahead of time with me, profile requests during the weekend will be handled on Monday morning.
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I need help creating a profile in emulation for the LAYU D850-5C 5-tunnel laser light. I have the PDF of the manual here:/Users/theswordalchemist/Downloads/D850_english-121213.pdf
That link is incorrect, it isn't a web link, it looks more like a link to a file on your hard drive.
email the pdf file to and we will make the profile for you. Just be sure to also tell us in the email what program you want it for.
Good Day Gents
I just wanted to check in on the profile for the Chauvet freedom par Tri 6 I did not see a an update. Please advise. thank you

Hello James
Thanks again. Do you know what name the Chauvet Fredom Par Tri 6 is under. I am not finding it. I have added the file to the common/personalities/user. I am not sure if I am having an issue because I already have a Chauvet.xml file under my user. any suggestions. thank you
It's the updated American DJ.XML library file emulation uses for it's fixture profiles. Which by the way, the "pear" is the same as the regular Pocket spot, so there won't be a profile named "pearl". Ok? Do you know what to do with the xml after you download it? It needs to be placed into the personalities/User folder. Let me know if you need help finding it.
Need profile for Altman Phoenix PHX Ellipsoidal fixture to use with Elation Emulation /Emulation Pro Software. Thanks so much for your help.
I had ADJ DMX program and it was easier than Emulation so I'm struggling with a learning curve. ..
Hi Easy feel free to email us this prpfile request and also provide a PDF user manual and we can find the profile or make it for you for Emulation. Please either use my email which I posted above or email us at support at Elationlighting Dot Com
What channel mode did you want? The way I see this is a single color/dimmer pixel panel. We do have a 26ch mode profile made but it is horribly cramped in the programs UI.
You'd be best suited patching groups of dimmers into fixtures on the patch view. Does this make sense?
I can, but I will have to split it up for you. Or you can patch in generic dimmers for however you see fit and i can make a profile for the function channels.

Which would you prefer?
I need a profile for a generic Moving Bar light.
Simple 9 channel patch
no link to the manual but I can list the channels.
1 - Pan 0 - 255
2 - Pan Speed 0 - 255
3 - Auto program Au1 - Au 22 (macro's I'm guessing)
4 - Auto Program Speed
5 - Total Dimmer
6 - Red dimmer 0 - 255 Dark to bright
7 - Green dimmer 0 - 255 Dark to bright
8 - Blue dimmer 0 - 255 Dark to bright
9 - White dimmer 0 - 255 Dark to bright

I built a profile using the builder, all functions work except for the Auto Programs channel 3 and 4.
Thank you for any help.
Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, I can make these for you, no problem. You'll have them by Friday but it could be as early as Thursday afternoon. Thanks!
The profile for the 612745 works great. the other one, not so much. Here's what I'm getting:
Green= nothing
I used the manual from that web page, perhaps yours came with a different version of the traits? Can you scan or take photos of the manual that came with the fixture ?
What came with mine is what is on the website.
1=Master Dimm
2=Flash Strobe
3=Built in programs
4=Program speed

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