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6 channels. I'd appreciate any help you can give me on creating profiles. I am trying to create one right now for a 2 channel laser (A Magic Box II from Actor Mate) and not getting the results I was expecting. I think some of my problem may be my still getting to grips with the TRIO console. I am struggling to locate all the channels of a light once I load it into a bump key.
Hey James,
I just had a big success with the laser profile and got it working the way I want. I do have a question however - in the TRIO profile editor, what is the full meaning of each of the channel name entries in terms of where they default to on the console. For example, if I choose "dimmer" as the channel, does it make the fader above the bump work? I am slowly getting to grips with this!
Correct, if you select channel type "dimmer" then that will allow you to control the dimmer intensity of the fixture above the fixtures bump button.
did you need a full run down of EVERY channel type in the list? is this for the ML editor or LED?

P.s. glad to hear you are making progress. it is a very steep learning curve depending on your DMX and Lighting background thus far.
It would be great to know the meaning of the values for both led and ml. I have a lot of lights to configure and yes.. It is a steep but enjoyable learning curve.

I have tried a couple of times to configure a six channel led (the adj 38b pro I mentioned above) and it fails when I load it into the console. Not sure why, but knowing the values for the channels would be a great step forward.

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