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Any info or real world experience with these fixtures?

I have a church that wants LED lighting featuring 3 or 4 diff. areas of their stage. Drop ceiling. 12-14' from floor to ceiling if I had to guess.

Have around 10-12k$ to work with. Pastor wants
theater style lights but doesn't want it to look like a line of cannons lined up to fire at the stage. So looking recessed for stage with a handful of moving heads out front. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!


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Just realized what a noob I am. Posted in Moving Heads section.. MODs feel free to put me where I belong if needed.

Thanks James. Had some of the guys at the LAB (pro sound web) direct me to you here on the forum.

The music store I sub-contact under just spoke with Elation at the NAMM show but I doubt any dealership agreement was finalized. But, I have 2 churches needing theatrical style lighting installs by Easter so I gotta get this stuff moving FAST!

Any primers or how-to's on mounting/rigging (when not using truss), suggestions on getting electricity to each fixture, (saw your links for more info on DMX512), etc?

I was already leaning towards the spot 250s but aren't there an awful lot of threads with issues on those lights?
Originally posted by jingles:
also what were you considering for a controller? i recommend Compu Live 1024EC. but that is just me. lol. sincerely,

Hey James -
Yes, considering laptop or desktop computer for each Church this time around for ease of programming.
Neither facility has ever used more than a light switch and a dimmer, so I hope by them NOT having experience, that the software is the easier route to go.

The church in the pic above wants key light/features on the pulpit mainly. Then they want to be able to feature the orchestra pit (drums,bass,guitar - keyboard,piano - choir)
Praise singers are just infront of the band.

For weddings I think the moving heads can be dimmed a bit and aimed down on the carpeted floor in front of the pulpit.

Other than those simple presets, they might want a gobo with a dove, cross, church logo, snowflake, etc from time to time.

(on the other hand, the pastor thinks he will host plays in this room from time to time and wants even more flex in the light show.)

So If budget allows, I may put 5 or 6 sets of those Riva 80 lights in over the stage and another 2 or 4 moving heads out front.
Gotta get the drop ceiling guys to build me 2 angled truss areas for hiding lights..
more of an angled view.

I plan on removing the existing cans over the stage. That way these Riva 80 cans can be used as stage lighting and also will have a preset where they are as white as they will go and can be used as rehearsal/work lights.

If they shine well at that height, the pastor wants another dozen sets over the sanctuary this summer.


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Originally posted by jingles:
Well once you get all this stuff and need help with Compu Live hit me up im the support contact for the software. would also love to go and progrma for ya but, probably not too feasible.

Yes, I've read a few posts here already where you were able to walk them thru step by step - Sure I'll need some of that on site assistance in a few weeks if you are still game for it! HAHA!

Shame you are frozen in up north or I'd buy ya a beer or 6 and have you program it for us -
Keep ya posted and THANKS
Yes. have no fear you run your DMX through the pixel drives much kinda like a dimmer pack if you will but more suited for the rivas. you will still have all the control you need. for each set of 8 you get you will get a pixel drive with it. they are sold as a set of 8 anyways but you can purchase more individual pods as well as pixel drives. understand?
Originally posted by djbutter22:
Hey Rain,
I installed 32 of these Rivas in a bar (4 sets). They work great and look good. I will try to find you some pics.

I wanna see em!
Have a small church (stage may be 10' across and drop ceiling is 9' high) that I think a Riva system would be PERFECT for.

About to send them pricing info this week.


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