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I run Ableton Live for the worship team at my church and I've been playing with the idea of sending a midi out signal to my stage setter 8 to control the light board chases however, when I try to do it the board does nothing and doesn't seem to be responding to sent midi signals. Any suggestions? I noticed their are several other people on the forum with this issue has anyone gotten this board to actually run via midi successfully before?
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Hi James,

Just recently started working with MIDI on our Stage Setter-8 for our church. We are looking at using it for small plays, etc. Here is what we have found so far.

First off, we are using a program called "MultiPlay" . This allows us to set up audio cues, pictures, video, lighting through MIDI. Best of all it is free. Your software should be able to send the same commands as both are using MIDI.

First, make sure that the MIDI OUT cable from the computer is going into the MIDI IN on the light board.

Next turn the light board on while holding down Bump Buttons 1,2,3 and 4. Turn the board on and look at the LCD screen. There you will see what MIDI channel the board is on (Mine is on 1 and we leave it there). Make sure in your software that you are on channel 1. Next hit the 'Blackout" button to exit.

For the next step, be in 1x16 mode (this may work in other modes, but I don't know). Set up your lights how you want them. Next hit the "Record" button. Now hit Bump Button 1. The Record light should go out. You have set up the first set with your lights that will be activated by bump button 1. To make sure, return all your faders to "0" and press Bump Button 1. All the lamps should come on. Now back to the software.

When I set up a Cue, I have to tell it the Command is "Note On". My channel setting is "1", my first data point (yours is probably Note) is 38 (this corresponds to the first Bump button. These numbers are in the manual). Data two is set to 127 (I believe this is velocity on your software). Save this. Also, make sure that your MIDI device is set up properly (my cable shows up as "MIDIOUT2 [USB2.0-MIDI]").

Now "play" the note (in my case I hit the "Go" button to activate the cue). The lights you set up in the program should all be on, and they should stay on. To get them to go off, repeat what we did above, but change "Note On" to "Note Off". Play that second note (or in my case, hit Go for the next cue) and the lights should all go out.

A couple of things I have noticed. If the board is receiving the MIDI signal, you should see a light flash in the upper right corner of the LCD next to the MIDI label. If you don't see this flash for a few seconds, check your setup.

Second, you are supposed to be able to do the same procedure for indivdiual faders. It works, but only partially. The lights will be on while the MIDI light flashes. Once it stops flashing, the lights go out. Haven't had any other luck on a work around.

Third, the current method has everything either ON or OFF. There is no fade between the two (not that I have found yet - still looking).

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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