I am a first time forum user and I have a question regarding a Stage Setter 8 controller. It is used in a church setting, so lots of hands have access to this piece of equipment. This being said, the controller had been working just fine, while preparing for new programs I found that the lights now rapidly pulse/flash when full on. When you fade the lights the pulsing/flashing becomes more predominant. I have tried resetting the controller, no use. I appreciate your thoughts on how to remedy this. Thanks,

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I assume that you're using dimmer packs.

Are you exceeding the maximum load?

How many packs are you using? If more than 1, do you have them on separate circuits?

Is the dmx line terminated
Thanks for the response. We use 2 elationdmx20l dimmer paks on separate circuits, 4 par cans on each, and to the best of my knowledge the dmx line is terminated properly. I don't believe we are exceeding the maximum load as the lights worked fine all last year.
Originally posted by WayneK:
It does happen with both paks, I have not tried them separately, but I will. Thanks!

I work with Wayne - FWIW, we fixed the "problem" by powering the dimmer paks off then back on.

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