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I am a new DJ, have done a few gigs, with analogue lighting using the Chauvet 9005, did not like it much, so next week I pick up a DMX operator 192, and four Martin lights.
The retailer is going to set up a program for me on the 192 to get me started. So I have a couple of questions
1- Will the DMX 192 Save this program even when powered down?

2- I understand I can save a light show on a usb mem stick, does this require special software?

3- Can I use my windows xp pc to program a show and load into the 192, using the USB?

4- if I want to run any of my analogue divices, what is the proper switcher? dp-415, or dpdmx 20L?

the newbie!
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ok i will make this quick but if u need more info please ask!
1: yes it will. internal memory and that is what dmx boards do mainly. save show data.
2: nope!
3: no u cannot if u want ot do that get compuware. just my sugestion i love compuware.
4: i dunno the exact term if ur lights dim get the dpdmx20L if u just want to switch them off and on get a switch pack.
peace! jingles! lighting guru! LOL Wink
I have received my operator 192, and the user manual is not very friendly... is there another resource that could be used to learn the programming?

someone at the store told me that there might be a CD or DVD available that will teach me how to program a show into the 192. Does this exist? and is it downloadable?

I had a loaner DMX operator, can I use that manual? is it the same programming?

Also I have been trying to find the usave software, I understand it will allow me to save a show I programmed onto my USB memory stick. Can you tell me where I can download the software?
Call me and I might be able to talk you through it. I have a few of the other styles of this model (not this exact one), They are all pretty much the same.... if nothing else, I can steer you in the right direction.

Actually - in the last 2 minutes, I downloaded the manual...2 minutes later.....

pretty straight forward...


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