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In This forum you can discuss tips, tricks, and troubleshooting for Elation's Next Generation Compu Live software, "Compu Show".

A couple of things....compu show just began opening in as sunlight suite and I lost all my stage data for 3d viewer. 2. When I click and drag position palette into x/y channels while building a scene, positions are off, but when I select the palette in palette editor window, its fine. ??????????????
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I had a trio of gigs over the weekend and I had some issues with Compu Show. One issue was having to bounce back and forth between Compu Show/Easy Show for keyboard based triggering(a necessity), but I had issues with any light ADJ 64 LED Pro set to a specific DMX starting address, it would hang until an INIT was issued or I manually intervened. It was odd. It didn't do that in the January 2011 release which I used in April 2011. I ran the August 2011 Beta.

Other than that, it was rock solid. I'd like to see more profiles for MIDI controllers(like the Novation Launchpad), and Korg NanoPad. Using MIDI may have helped me not have to bounce between programs.

We also had an issue where we stopped on a scene that used ground fog. Took me a few seconds to figure out how to fix that one! The scene used ground fog so I had to go into Compu Show and INIT that fixture.
That's what I sorta did. I use the "-" to be my INIT trigger. I also use the INIT quite often in my show designs. LIke, if we go into a blackout, I'll use INIT scenes on ALL the different fixtures to ensure they get nuked. Fortunately, this over-done effort served me well.

The only bad side is I can't replicate right now. Mostly because I can't set up everything. The 3D Visualizer didn't show the light hanging. But, I, as the rest of the cast and crew, do suspect some gremlins in that facility could be to blame.

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