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I'm running a 1hr 10 min show using Elation Compu 2006 for lighting as well as running all the video and audio from the Easy Show program. I run it all now on a Pentium 4 desktop.

I need a new laptop....can anyone suggest a laptop configuration that will run all of this with ease? Can I use something other than a Pentium? AMD? Centrino? How much Ram?

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here are the specs.
Best Performance System Requirements:
• Laptop or desktop computer with USB port
• Windows XP or any up-to-date version
• 1280x1024 screen resolution
• 512Mb Memory
• Clock frequency: 1.5Ghz
• 128Mb RAM video card to use the “3D software” supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0
but i reccomend more than 2 gb of memory and if you can make sure u have 128 dedicated video memory for 3D visualizer best performance. i have an amd turion 64 bit processor and it works good. i say just try to load it in every aspect video grahics. hardrive. processor. everything. i have a hp pavilion dv 2000 with 120 gb hardrive and 287 shared memory gprahic card from nvidia and it rocks! the only problem is windows vista. stil has bugs. but i run the compu demo and it works very good. peace! jingles!
Thanks for your assistance and emails... with your help I found the perfect computer Acer Turion 64 2 gig ram with 512 vram. Now if I can just get everything to work. I'm using a wireless remote to trigger Easyshow from my pocket that goes to the audio system with video from the time line going to 2 monitors. The remote systems come from Next is integrating the lights into it all!

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