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What sort of ideas do you have in mind for live control?

The cool thing about Compu live is it supports multiple MIDI controllers at once. With the combination of controllers that works for you, you should be able to accomplish quite a bit.

That reminds me, I gotta get back to a profile for a Launchpad that I neglected to really get into a while back.
What I am looking to do is: Add chases to faders, as I push fader up, chase speeds up. Add prism to fader and as I push up fader, prism rotate speeds up. Add scenes to buttons and work them like flash or bump buttons. Add colors/gobos to buttons. On the knobs on top, make those the wheels like you see in the program(dimmer, speed, phase.....) Basically try and get as close as I can that thi system can work like any 10k+ console...MA, Hog, Chamsys.......Any ideas? If I can use multiple outboard gear, I can really see some cool things happening like what I mentioned above. Or I could just go touchscreen for scenes and bcf for programming on the fly. Hmmmmmmmm. Big Grin
So I think I am pretty sure on how to link buttons. But what I would like to know.......can I assign lets say this as an example.....I have multiple chase scenes; can I assign the speed of those chases to same fader or encoder creating sort of a master speed. Or several scenes with movements and assign their size to a fader or wheel creating a master al........??????
Ya. On Compu show you can assign a midi fader or pot to the speed function. So the last selected button will follow that pot pt knob or fader for speed adjustment. Does this make sense? Just shift right click the speed dial in the general tab for the page that has those chases on it. Let me know if this helps. Smiler

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