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This is really getting VERY disappointing with Elation.

Compulive.... What is it, and who is developing the software? (SUNLIGHT?????)

I created this thread back in August of 2008, it has now been 4+ months, and still have NO resolutions what so ever, other than a November update, (which quite frankly looks like the August "Beta” just as a General Deployment with no changes). I have been asking for information regarding the NOV update, and what’s been changed in the new release, and of course FOCUSED PRESETS! … I was told many of times there would be updates / enhancements, but yet to see anything provided to me, or “enhancements updates” fulfilled.
Why did I spend 1200+$ on a 2048FC+ software interface, and program that does not provide any support?
I wish I put the time involved in “Hoping” the changes would occur, and revenue spent on this device towards a provider that has proven results, and tech support that really FOLLOWS THRU ON STATEMENTS. I was told that bugs would be resolved, focused presets would be implemented “in next release”, and all other issues would be resolved...

What has been provided in the next release? Nothing… , other than more testing on my part, with more hardware testing, and time spent proving issues ( and of course less time spent on designing my shows). What is my next step? Buying stock in High End, and purchasing an HOG iPC III?, or continuing to work with “support” by Elation. I have spent well over 110+ hrs working with Elation software to create a show, tech support for bugs,posting for hopeful fixes, and issues resolved. I have been misled by "promises of better software updates /releases, and improvements “by Elation, and techs. If I need to spend another 110+ hrs, and more $$$ towards a real solution in which to provide real results, then I may have to walk that path.

What is my next path? It’s up to Elation to decide if they want me to continue my use of their products, and word of mouth on “ease of use” of their products to other perspective users.

Very Disappointed user.
Jason K.
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Misbeam the official word i got from our developers is all Reported bug fixes (Yes i reported yours) are fixed in the 2009 version due out early next year. I understand your frustrations. And I'm sorry but we just cant turn out updates fast enough for everyone all the time. If you don't want to wait i understand completely. The choice is yours. i may even have some possible work around's on a few of the enhancements You mentioned on the first page. If i understand them correctly that is. Let me know if your interested.

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