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So it sounds like I will have to run compu live with it. If I get compu live and use a laptop with an external touchscreen how exactly will I need to plug everything in? Will I just start the signal coming from the laptop with the compu live dongle thus using the sd3 as a midi controller from the computer? Or can I start the signal from the sd3 and connect the computer with another cable?
Im trying to figure out how to have a computer attached so I can have certain things that will always be available to click/or touch via touchscreen. Right now fumbling through the pages causes a little bit of a slower reaction sometimes than I was hoping for with certain things. Also, the compulive effects engine actually worked right with these lights when I used it.

But just so I understand...can I plug the sd3 into a computer without compulive and use a touchscreen somehow with that computer using a different software?
Hi NewEarth,

SD Man replied this.
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The monitor software uses mouse control. I don't know if you can just duplicate a mouse with a touch screen. If the touch screen says it will work with any software and make it think the command is coming from a mouse then it will probably work.

This is the extent of what you can do with SD3 and its monitor software.

Compu is a different control system. you use Compu or SD3 but not both. they don't integrate.
If you go with Compu you can use that system to program your scenes and use touch screen.

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