We are using our Acer Tablet running Windows 7 pro to control anywhere from 8 to 40 Elation Opti Tri 30 LED's to be used for uplighting venues. Presently we have been doing it with Martin LJ.

I noticed that the profile you have for this light is incomplete. There are a few presets that can be controlled via DMX which can't presently be accessed in the Emulation profile, such as, "Color Mix", 3 color Seq., 7 color Seq., color macro's and sound activation.

The most important one to us is the sound activation via DMX. I know all of these can be controlled via DMX as we are doing it in LJ.

Could you please amend the profile.

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Here is a link to download the XML: http://db.tt/A5gyzwv
Everything you requested is in the custom section of the programmer side.
there are 5 custom faders. RGBCM is the one you need to keep active to use the color mixing faders. DB is the dim to bright functions from values 32-127. CM is the color mix. 3CLR is 3 color, 7CLR is 7 color. Then the sound active is in the misc section as a button. Smiler Hope this does what you want. and sorry your having trouble running it on the other computers. It's a very weird issue.
I loaded the new xml file in the "personalities" folder and it overwrote the old Elation xml file.

However...the new features that you mention are not showing up. It's just the same features as the old xml file.
Have you had chance to revise the profile? The one I downloaded didn't change the original.

I have a job this weekend and need to use the software for these lights/

down load the xml file from above again and place it in the "User" folder not the manufacturer folder. Then once the file is in there when you patch them in the program scroll all the way to the bottom until you see "User" Elation. Then it should have the stuff i modified.
I don't see a "User" folder. I tried making a User folder and place that in the personality folder...but that doesn't work.

Where is the "user" folder?
Tried every alternative that I can think of. Still no luck.

Sorry to be a pest, but I need to program these lights for this Saturday.

OK i know the opti Tri 30 7 channel mode profile in this XML is good with exactly what you asked for. Download it here: http://db.tt/A5gyzwv Place this file in the file path(s) as mentioned below.
The file path you are looking for on a Windows 7 for placing personality profiles is: C:\Users\{your name}\Documents\Elation\Emulation\Personalities\User
If you have the builder program installed the file path will be: C:\Users\JamesK\Documents\Elation\Common\Personalities\User

Do not replace the factory xml or fxt files. If you do that you may have to reinstall the program as the factory ones are not to be modified by end users. Let me know if this works now.

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