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I recently purchased the T3 and everything is working fine (with a few glitches due to pc software but that's to be expected). However, I am patched into 4 x Elation Proteus Maximus fixtures (extended mode) and they will not output at all. Pan and tilt work fine just no dimmer. I have checked everything. the personality is correct, the patch is correct, the mode is correct, and each attribute is open and full. The console is also directly hardwired to the fixtures with no data break from port C to fixture 1 (patched at 3.1 and C is sending to Universe 3). When I use my Chamsys MQ80 the dimmer channel pops right on with the exact same permitters. Also in my visualizer it is working just fine just not in real life. Please help!

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Thank you for the reply.

After wayyyyy too much troubleshooting it was eventually brought to my attention that the lights were actually the proteus lucious, not maximus; it was not my best moment lol.

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Hi, sorry for the delay on this, but are you absolutely sure that all other non-intensity parameters are at their correct home value?

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