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I would look at your DMX runs and make sure:

A) That you don't have too many DMX devices on one run

B) that the DMX line is terminated at the end

C) If you have a DMXcat or DMX tester, try sitting in a cue/look and seeing if the flicker finder notices anything. You can also view the DMX levels while you see the flicker and see if something is being sent that shouldn't.

ETC Ion XE 20

Eos Version

OS Version

Image Provisioning version:

Fixture Library Version, 21.Jun.2023

KL Panel Software Version 1.1.2

Also, we are unable to get the KL panels to talk to the board via sACN.  We get no response when pinging the instruments, including when connecting an instrument directly to the board via ethernet.  In some cases, when we connect them, they will flash white intermittently (between .5-2 seconds between flashes) and respond to commands from the board. If we power cycle them, they stop responding completely.  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the behaviors, though.

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