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Firmware Tool Required:  C-Loader II

 Fuze Par Z60IP FW V1.07

What's new:  Changed the term Master/slave to Primary and Secondary.

You should not attempt uploading the firmware to the fixture unless you have read and fully understand the instructions that came with the relevant Fixture firmware uploader for your fixture. Clicking this link will take you to the Software uploader section of our website so you can pick the correct uploader tool for your needs and fixtures. If you do not see your fixture listed, please contact

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I have one trouble about FuzePar Z60IP Firmware Update.
I updated my FuzePar Z60IP Firmware, original V.1.03 to latest V1.07.
I did it with C-Loader2, and got it successful, and It showed V.1.07 on fixtures display.
but I operate with my console, each time move colors(RGBW) encorders up and down, FusePar flash, I can't get exact level and smooth fade.
without console, I tried by manual mode, it also happened same flash.
I wonder what I should do next.
Could you advice me how to deal with this, please?

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