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Hey all!

Im in a need for assistance pickin the right board. Ive been lookin around for brands/models for a while, reading them manuals but not quite got full info.

My example setup is following; 12 PAR LED 64 (8 front, 12 back). Also having 4 moving heads in the back (same channel, 1 pair tilted). Mostly runnin on rock-stages. i want to have front lights dimmed/always on, with an option to use slider for less/more dimming while live).

Id like at least 8-12 bump/flash buttons to have some CANs goin 100% at different buttons. Example btn1 sets a channel (multiple cans on same ch) to red 100%, btn 2 sets another channel to green 100%, third button mix 2-3 channels with preprogrammed colors. Possibility to use 2-3 buttons same time if needed (AKA having 1 button pressed and quickly flash 2-3 times with another btn).

Some channels left for moving heads, btn flash to show white beams on a certain position and onther btn to move them to another pos and diff color (preprogrammed pos/color naturally)

If im correct, all this can be done by create scenes and store them on the bumb/flash, and use flash instead of a chase.. right?

So what board will do this properly? My cans use 5 ch and movin head 13, so a 48-channel will be enough?

Ive been checkin out scenesetter 48 and stagesetter 24
Is this possible at all?
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