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In Onyx I can assign the "Onscreen Keyboard" to a function key on my laptop easily enough via Onyx Menu > Assignments Functions > Commands > General > Keyboard.

But I can't find the equivalent for the Keypad (note: KeyPAD <-- the small one with FULL, @, THRU etc).

I've searched all function key options a couple of times.  Have I just missed it, or is it not possible to assign keyPAD popup to a function key?



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You are correct. I did not find one as well.

I only found the keypad that pops up as a window and takes up the full screen. Windows > Panels > Keypad

I have mentioned it to the Onyx Engineers.

As much as we enjoy trying to help out on the Elation forum, maybe try http://forum.obsidiancontrol.com/ .

The people on the Forum might have more insight or some sort of workarounds. 

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