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It has an out. It is just under a plastic cap (discovered this when cleaning it one day). I have yet to use the out though since it is normally last in line or right next to the splitter/s and home ran there. Most of the time however I just turn it on and let it run. Over two years later and still going strong like it is brand new. I still love it Smiler.
Actually, yes I can. A Unique can put out more haze at least compared to the water based haze fluid I have been using due to environments I work in. The oil based fluid would do better I would imagine do to its nature vs water based. The Unique, however, burns through a lot more fluid (when turning it up to the output I want and website says 50 hours per half gallon, that must have been figured on the lowest setting) and doesn't hold the same amount of fluid either (1/2 gallon vs 2/3 a gallon). I once burned through the half gallon in a couple of 10 hour days while in the same venue, it took me five 10 hour days before I had to top of the HZ-500 and it still had some fluid in it.

The other major advantages the HZ-500 has over the Unique is it has no heater, it is simply an air compressor basically. Power wise, the Unique eats WAY more power if that is an issue. And while the Unique does warm up fast, you just have to plug in the HZ-500 and hit a button. The Unique fluid also costs a lot more than the HZ-500 fluid here in the States.
Thanks for your reply.

We are big fans of Antari and we have pretty much the whole range in our production hire inventory.

I just bought our first HZ500 a week ago.

We love the design of the case although 3pin would have been a nice addition and an opening to allow the date cables (not just the power cable) to escape the case, would also be good.

The output seems VERY low. I would say it is about 1/4 of the output of the Unique hazer (on its lowest setting).

Granted, it is a different type of haze... much finer but this hazer certainly doesnt have a 2,800 cu. ft. / min output as the web site states. 2,800 seems a huge claim for a hazer I would have thought.

Before I buy any more HZ500's I am tying to figure out whether we have bought a unit with a problem or whether this is indeed the output it is designed to have.

I installed a HZ400 into a venue a few years ago. I seem to recall it having at least twice the output of our HZ500.

Our old (failing) Le Maitre Pro Hazers also have much more output than the HZ500 and they are only rated for 230 cubic feet per HOUR (which seems extraordinarily little).

So who is the world's foremost authority on hazers? Do they participate in this forum?

Can anyone give me some point of reference against which I can gauge the output of this machine?

Thanks in advance!
I would say it is an output issue. Check to make sure the air intake in the back isn't block by anything. Also make sure to wait to turn it on after you fill it up with fluid. It takes a while for it to get through the sponge. You should also be able to sneak a DMX and a power cable through the slot in the lid, I have on many occasions.

This video was shot about an hour after turning on a HZ-500 which is sitting just off down stage right behind the arch. Stage is 48' wide, 15' high, and 20' deep. With the wings and fly space added, it is more like 80' wide and 50' high. The camera was about 60' from the edge of the stage. Total house depth is about 120' and again about 80' wide. 20' high at its highest point (this is to the clouds, doesn't count the extra space above them). Roughly, that is 272,000 cubic feet. 'Visible area' is roughly 110,400 cubic feet. At 2,800 cubic feet per minute, that would take about 40 minutes to fill. The whole room would take about an hour and a half to fill. As you can see, the beams cut through even haze from the stage to the camera. And all this doesn't take into account the air handling system for a 1,000 seat theatre. If anything, I would say the HZ-500 is under-rated. If you are wondering what fixtures they are, the 6 across the back are HES Studio Color 575's and the 4 on the sides doing the gobos are Martin Mac 700's. And the video was shot on a crappy little Canon Powershot 8 mp camera. I can only imagine what it would like like on my 7D with the 17-35mm F2.8 II I just got in.

The other issue like you said is the HZ-500 puts out real, fine mist haze. The Unique is more like an Antari X310 (I also own one of those). To get the Antari to match the HZ-500, I need to set it at roughly 30-40%. That means somewhere between 3,000-4,000 cubic feet per minute. And once again, it isn't as even and more like fog vs haze. I haven't even really tried using the X310 for haze ever since I got the HZ-500. And there are times I still want another one for larger venues I work in (2,500 seat theatre which I am in a lot comes to mind).

Edit: Sorry, forgot that one was password protected. The password is Ariel.
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