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Real quick question... do intelligent lights work in dimmer packs? I assume not since they need multiple channels to allow you to configure the patterns... and dimmers only offer on/off... or dimming capability.

The reason I ask is this, we have the stage setter 8 w/ 2 dp415 dimmers, 2 lasers (intelligent programmable lights), some flood lights, a fog machine, and a strobe. We addressed the 1st dimmer to DMX addr 1, and the 2nd to DMX addr 5 (since each pack offers 4 channels)... we have the lasers running in pack 1, channel 1, and the lights in pack 2 and the laser just turns on or off.

Would a better solution be to chain the dp415s together w/ a terminator on pack 2, and plug the lasers directly into the console, taking up the 1st 7 or so channels, and address the dimmers after that?

Thanks Smiler
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Hey Jingles, thanks for the prompt reply. Much faster than many other forums I visit. I believe our lasers are 7 channels each (we have 2 of them, I think we're just setting the other one up in slave mode to mimic the first unit) and we have the Elation DP-415s which I believe are 4 channels each. The lasers do have a 2 DMX Jacks on the back (for chaining). So if I'm understanding you correctly the lasers would just chain directly into one of the DMX jacks on the console and take up say channels 1-7, and the dimmer boxes go to the other DMX channels on the Console and go to say channels 8-11 & 12-15?
Hey Jingles,

Hope your day is going well, and thanks for the reply. So it did work, I set the lasers to same address and I now have control over it's 7 channels via faders 1-7... I have my dimmer boxes in 8-11 and 12-15. I also got everything working in midi, and yes it is a pain.

I want to use the strobes (turns out we have 2) in my setup, but for some reason every time it runs my computer monitor shuts off (not sure if you've heard of this happening, I use a VGA monitor and tried different outlets to no avail).

One more question, is it possible to add the strobe to the chain of lasers w/ a different address to get it to a different channel... not sure if the strobe is dmx but I'd love to take advantage of it if it is.

Thanks again.
Hey Jingles,

Hope you had a good weekend. Not tripping any breakers (that I know of), and I've tried running my monitor to a completely different outlet (the strobe was the only light on that dimmer at the moment)... the monitor shuts off while the strobe runs, and comes back on when the strobe shuts off.

It's the American DJ Mega Flash DMX and looks like it's a 2 channel. So to refresh on the setup, would I be able to daisy chain my strobes and lasers together w/ the lasers addressed as 1-7, the strobes 8-9, and dimmer box 1 10-13 & dimmer box 2 14-16 (one channel unused)? Pretty stoked that it seems I can control these strobes to the music... oh one more thing, do you have any idea if the strobe "speed" setting correlates to a certain bpm? I swear I'm completely done w/ questions after this, and you've been a great help.


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