I cannot seem to hook my iphone to emulation. I tried changing the ports, another laptop, reinstalling the software, etc.

I am running the latest version on a macbook running mac osx 10.6.8 with an iphone 4s.

Please advise.
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Yeah. sam wifi and i did try it with the same mobile hotspot as I want to use this in a mobile setting (I own a mobile DJ company)
what build do you have installed? once you have both computer and phone on the same network they should communicate.
1.3.38 and both iphone and mac are updated as of today. My browser both Chrome and Safari on my iphone says that the webpage cannot open. Should I change the ports in Emulation?? I am not sure what the ports are for but they are currently set to 8888

This never worked. I gave up during my busy season but have some time to try to get this to work.

Please advise on how to actually get the iphone remote working... I am doing everything the manual says to the T.

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