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I have Compu Show Running 24/7 so that I can run Scenes automatically at a permanent location that has a set schedule, although it does change month to month. So, I have been using the "Time" section of the Button Settings to do this. It works great if I need to run a Scene when I'm not around. The problem I have run into is that I must be in that Scenes Button Settings Page to adjust anything, like start time or to delete it. There is an "All" button and it shows me all the Scenes but I can't adjust anything, no left or right click. It would help me out if I could make changes in the "ALL" section of "TIME". Maybe a new Calender window could be a solution. It would just save me allot of time if I could make all schedule changes on one Settings page, instead of having to go into each button to change anything.

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you can change the settings of it by double clicking on the date at the top of each day...
it isnt going to work in the "All" the all is so you can see the whole month of settings
I know. That's why I'm asking. I'm hoping that kind of functionality could be added in a future update. I am going to be building 17 locations in the next 2 years. Each with changing scheduled. I need to find a way to edit the schedule faster or I will have to find another software that can.
i brought it up with the design team, however, i wont know if it gets changed untill a later date

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