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Hello, having some problems getting my Korg Nano Pad to work with Compu Show. I did read:

You can link anything to a midi command. Shift and right click the switch or scene. in the list that appears select link to console then chose button activation and then the waiting for midi command window will appear and you should then be able to press a button on your midi device and it will assign itself to that button."Jingles"

I am Using the June 15th Version. When I do the above "the Press a button" Goes Away but No control. Before I uninstall and reinstall with the july 7th version I thought I would make sure I'm not missing something.

I can get the keyboard to work but the nanopad seems like an easier choice.
BTW on the same laptop I can map it to serato buttons so I don't think it is a Driver Issue.

Thanks in Advance
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I'm not really sure what could cause that. It always helps to use a midi controller they has a midi map already built into the program. Like the nano kontrol does. You can request a midi map to be made for the pad and that way you will be able to go into the midi settings and edit them. You can't edit anything if it doesn't have a map.
If I go to midi Setup and then click on "Show MIDI Data" I get responses.
For every button i click i get 2 responses. Not sure if that would be a problem.

example if i hit one button i get the following:
command Channel Status Level
46- Controller 46 1 128 64
46- Controller 46 1 144 24

wondering if that would be an "ON" command followed by an "OFF" command?????
Do you know if this means if it is Mapped or not????

Im going to look for another midi controller. I think I have a drum pad that can be used as a midi controller.

Hi Jingles, thanks for the info, got a little busy, but still wanted to figure out the Midi mapping for the Nano Pad. Korg did have software to change the pads settings but that didn't work for me (maybe I'm changing it wrong). Who would i need to go to to get the midi mapping. I have looked at the Nano Kontrol and didn''t realy like the setup. I kinda wanted to just be able to tap a button and start a different scene. I do see how the Rotary knobs and Sliders could come into play but I was(am) looking for Simplicity, I'm sure at some point I'll buy a Nano Kontrol.

BTW I also tried the Boss DR-670 as a midi controller and no go. It will work with serato so I know it is throwing out Midi Signal(not sure if that's what it's called).
I Just thought about something. I also tryed the Novation Dicer and no go. That would be great to map, as it has 20 Programmable midi settting 10 per side. That way I can use the same laptop and control the light from one Area. Is Midi Mapping the Dicer A possibility?

Sorry for all the ?'s but I am starting out with this dmx and CUE, and just trying to customize. So Far I'm enjoying / Learning alot.
If you send me the Dicer manual in a email I might be able to get it mapped for you on Compu show. but it could take several days. Or even send me the korg nano Pad. The nano pad would be easiest to map as there are just pads. you would not believe the triggering possibilities with the knobs and sliders on the kontrol....LOTS! Trust me. I have one.
email me: jamesk at elationlighting dot com
Hi Jingles I figured out how to map devices with the MidiConsoleBuilder, it was pretty Easy, now I can map just about any midi device(so I think). I made one for the Dicer and it did exactly what I was hopeing it would do. I ran into a problem so i will be installing the software and map a different Midi device to a second laptop to run the lights for now.
Issue is the First application to start takes control of the Dicer, which I did not foresee. I was hopeing to use different buttons for each. Nonetheless, I figure, I might not be able to use the dicer for both Serato and Compu Show. I hope I can find a workaround, as it is wicked controlling the lights from my turntables and not having to add extra items, Any info or ideas would be Appreciated.

Thanks Again
You can't split a USB driver connection between two programs. That is why this is happening. It's not possible. if anything buy a second dicer.... maybe.
Very cool that you have the console builder figured out. It's a tough program for guys like me who are not midi guru's. Smiler Maybe I could have YOU make midi maps for us. haha
To be accurate:

You can split a driver to be used between different programs. It does however depend on the driver, the application and the device. For example, in most MIDI applications, you can specify what you want to use as far as I/O. If you have a MIDI interface with multiple banks, you could end up just using what you need and ignore the rest. Ideally, the MIDI application may not monopolize the interface and allow any unused interfaces to be used for something else.

Case and point involving Compu Show:
In Easy Show, I use my MIDISPORT 2X2's A input to receive MTC from a remote workstation. on the B input, I have a different program also reading timecode, sent from the same remote workstation.(there is a MIDI pass-thru box near the MIDI interface). Two different programs are using the same interface.

When it comes to a USB device, forget it. It's a single ended MIDI-IO unit, so where-ever it gets assigned to, that will take priority on a first-come, first served basis. In the case of the Korg nanoKONTROL, I use it in ProTools extensively as a controller. I can't run both ProTools and Compu Show(where I also use this as a controller) because of a driver conflict. Yes, I could use 2 controllers, but then I can run the risk of confusion, which is NOT a good thing.

Also, keep in mind, the nano driver supports at least 3 devices. I think there is a new nano-series set out there, so the new driver may support additional devices.

While Jingles advise to get two Dicers is valid and is supported by the driver, it's key that they are properly and uniquely addressable. Maybe get them in different colors. I know for a fact the company that makes them states specifically that you can't use more than 2 with a specific software platform they make.

You're definitely not going to be able to use the same Dicer for two programs at the same time. No way around that.

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