hi, this is my first post, and have more than one thing, therefore sorry of its massive content.

1. midi mapping for controler Korg nanokontrol2
here is link to manufacturer:
midi: midi specifications
if this will be like at this pic, then it would be great, if not the best one because its very small, cheap and simply. here is my suggestions how to make it:

direct link to picture[/URL] http://i705.photobucket.com/al...korgnanokontrol2.jpg

2.next one i´ve made fixture for this led par:
EUROLITE LED T-36 RGB 10mm Spot silver (No.: 51913583)if necessary, i can post the personality file with ext .xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<manufacturer label="Eurolite" revision="1">
<model label="LED Par T-36 RGB spot 10mm" class="Led" angle_pan="10" angle_tilt="10">
<change username="Visual Productions" notes="Initial version" date="2007-01-01" time="00-00-00-00" />
<part attribute="Colour RGB">
<range function="Red MSB" offset="0">0,255</range>
<range function="Green MSB" offset="1">0,255</range>
<range function="Blue MSB" offset="2">0,255</range>
<part attribute="Dimmer">
<range function="Control MSB" offset="3">0,255</range>
<part attribute="Strobe">
<range function="Linear" offset="4">11,255</range>
3. if is it possible to make turning of banks by simple click instead of holding down
(best make some kind of switch in options that user could choose to turn this option on or off)

4. emulation sometimes it freeze by shuting down, sometimes not, it doesn´t matter on wich system or version, tried on mac osx, windows xp sp2 & windows 7 pro
maybe solve this making turning of by clicking on power button, and then on dialog yes/no if user sure want to exit the program.
sometimes happend while i make edit, software shut-down unexpectedly with error message of windows or mac osx
only one i was verry affraid during concert everything dissapeard (emulation only) and after new start everything (content only)was missing, i was lucky one because have backup of all show....then it goes ok until concert ends.

5. some tablets don´t allow me to make click&hold there suggestion written in 3.

6. last one is full screen only one from cca 6 computers of different brands with different resultion of screen only at one can emulation run in fullscreen, that´s a bit sticky, is it possible something to do with this?

sorry for so long post

Lukas B.
Original Post
Here are you're answers in number order:

1. We have one of these on order it should be in within a few days and then we will have a map for it. We are considering the way you mapped it. Nice!!

2. Thanks for the personality; we'll add it to the library.

3. Try to press RELEASE first, then press BANK UP/DOWN to clear the all the playbacks in that bank

4. We are trying to find the cause for this bug.

5. All right. Thanks for letting us know.

6. Yes, it's a known issue that not all screen resolutions are properly supported for full-screen. Which screen resolutions do you wish for us to fix?
thank you for so quick answers,
1. i´m very happy from that, please make it accordance with picture
2. i tried to send personality from builder but don´t know, if it was recieved.
3.i don´t understand to this procedure, please explain
6. i need fullscreen for this resultions: 1024x768, 1280x800, 1200x1600
i don´t tease, but i need this midi mapping, because i have bigger live event at the end of month.
can you make it please exact the same as in picture described?
It's not exactly like the picture but here is a link to download the korg.xml
We followed your suggestions for the mapping with the exception of combining the playback buttons and playback faders, We used the controls for the playback faders mainly.
thank you very much, i have a bit change the mapping inside the file and controler is working very well.

How is it with full screen, i found out that emulation can run on very small amounth of pc/mac @ fullscreen.
can be add more resultion to program and separattely checkbox for turning on fullscreen from given resultion?
this picture shows how it looks when i select fullscreen:

-i cant go then to options or shut down program upper buttons are located on buttons of option, and there is a lot of black space around...
i´ve made edit picture, add one more resultion 1600x1200 and check box, that you first select screen size, and second check box that made fullscreen from selected screensize

and at this one is when i choose the biggest screen size in emulation-i don´t want to see ugly windows things Big Grin

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