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I don't want to limit X/Y globally for a page (i have a scene used occasionally in a distant corner of the room).

BUT, I do want my movements like circle, can-can, etc. to revolve around a certain point- being the dance floor.

If I just press center and activate a movement, all the fixtures look straight down and begin movement. I can change the size of the movement but not the center direction.

On a hog, I can make all the fixtures look at some point, activate the motion, and then it will do the motion around that point (sort of like a "this is your center for the motion I'm telling you to do".

Does such a feature exist in Compu Live? Any crafty tricks on how to program it?

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Well........This is sort of possible but it is a bit "rough" I would call it. This would be the only way to do this really.
Make 4 switches, 2 with the 'add' priority and 2 with the 'sub' property and call them "X + offset", "Y + offset", "X – offset", "Y – offset" then use the dimmer fader on these switches to set an offset.

I know we don't have anything built into Compu Live like a Hog does. But for our newest program Compu Show we have it on a "to do" list that is ever growing. Smiler Which model interface do you have?
You might also try making the change in the "easy time editor" tab of the button that you want to do this on. right click on the fixture movement shape, click "shape properties". Inthis window you can alter the shape, size, and location of the movement of the a certain fixture.....Using the "play" button you can start the fixture moving and it will actually follow the shape pattern while you are moving, resizing, etc....When you get it like you want it just click "OK" to save the mods. Just repeat for all fixtures. Its kind of a sideways way to do what you tryig to do but it may work. Just try that and see if it helps.
Jingles, your suggestion went right over my head! I think the idea is little too complicated for my level of experience with the software!

Pitman's idea I understood though and was able to try out. It's just like he said though- a rather sideways way of doing it. If I were a permanent install it would be different and I would customize the movement buttons to point @ the dance floor like I want but being mobile, each setup is different and customizing each movement I want to use (times each fixture independently... and not knowing if they have the same exact movement bounds either) is not an ideal situation.

I'll probably stick to my current method- which is to make 2 overlapping pages. When I want to do that one odd ball cue, I go to the page without X-Y bounds... when I want to have movements pointed at the dance floor, I go to my page which has X-Y bounds setup from the wizard at the beginning of page setup. Only reason I asked was because there's a second of stutter/weirdness/blackout when I switch pages like that!

I'll look into compushow a little bit more though Smiler

Thanks everyone for the help.

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