Can anyone shed some light on programming an SD1 with 3 Chauvet LEDrain™ 64C and 4 ChauvetLED PAR 64 TRI-B lights. I can set a preset but how do I take a preset and turn it into an intelligent light show. Since I don't have any lights with pan and tilt there are no factory chases to use so I have to program everything from scratch.

I tried programming a chase but it doesn't loop like i thought it would. Thoughts?

I am overwhelmed and at a loss.

I have watched the videos but they haven't clicked yet.
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to record a light show you will need to record scenes first. recording scenes is the same way you would record presets. once you have scenes then you can go ahead and record your show.

push:record, show,scene. once you have selected the scenes you want you can deselect scene and save the show to an empty playback button.
OK. So, still being a n00b, I recall my chase and it stops at the end. Actually, the fixtures I thought would turn off in the steps stayed on. SO it may just be looping but I can't see it because the lights are still on.
before you start recording your chase you have to make sure that you clear any information that might be playing at the time. once you do so then go ahead and start recording your chase.

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