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I Ken, i'm Antonio from Italy and I'm a owner of the mighty Event Bar that I drive with a Enttec DMXIS usb2dmx dongle and the DMXIS software in the 25Channels mode.
I've read your last post here where you talk about a kind of setting that for me don't make sense (I mean... I don't understand). You say:
<<use 4 identical fixtures and then make a 5th for those global channels at the end. That way you can work individually with the heads and then use the 5th channel for strobe and macros>>
Well what I can't understand is how can I set 5 different fixtures of the same Bar (I have only one Bar) while there is only one dmx address that i can set on the Bar and in the 25 channels mode all the sliders are displayed from the first to the last dmx address?
A second question is: I noticed that the four spots seems to have a range of pan/tilt starting form different positions each one... I mean If i set the 4 pan sliders say all in the middle... the pan position is not the same for all the 4 spots... but is different! Same for the tilt.
How can I set the spots so when I put the pan or the tils sliders to the same value the 4 spots are in the same exact position?
TNX (btw the Event Bar is absolutely GREAT!)

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