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Hi I just got a SD2CF and am enjoying the improved ergonomics and features over my original SD.
I'm having a bit of a problem with the profile downloaded from the Elation site. I can load them from the CF card fine, but get the warning "This profile is for a newer version of SD2 software and may not work." ...and as warned I get garbage in display when I select these fixtures [Martin SCX600 and Chauvet Colorstrips]. The SCX500 profile however works like a dream.
What I don't understand is that the SD2 says it is "Revision 1.20 M2" and the latest s/w download on the Elation site is 1.20! Is there a newer s/w version available somewhere else?
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Version 1.20 is essentially the latest version. There is a version 1.21 but is the same except it supports some internal hardware changes in new units. If you are getting the wrong version error when loading a profile, then the profile you are trying to load is corrupted. You might need to download it again and make sure it unzips properly.
Ken, thanks for the quick reply. I tried a fresh download from the website but hit the same problem.
So I took the plunge and reloaded the firmware with a fresh copy of 1.20 and (after freaking out a little at the time it takes to load) I am now able to load all the profiles Smiler
Next is the monitor s/w ...but that's another thread.

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