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Thanks John. They are great little lights. The internal programs in them are fantistic. They are also very easy to set the mode and go to internal programs. They are a great price too, offering a lot of bang for the buck.

I don't think I personally would ever use an Opti RGB because of the size of them. I would just rather spend the extra money and get DLED 36s instead. They are much smaller and more powerful. The problem I have with DLED 36s however, is they are dip switches unlike the Opti 30 with the LCD, and the internal programs as stated in another thread aren't all that great.

I am mainly using these lights as up lighting, accent lighting, and truss warmers, thus why I say Opti RGBs are too big. If I was doing stage washes, I would go for the DLED 36s or Opti RGBs only, because I feel the Opti 30s aren't powerful enough for that. But the Opti 30s are great for what I use them for.
Nice, any idea what the lumen output on the fixture will be?

I like the advances Elation is making in the LED segment to make them more mainstream, and also like the advances in the moving head market. The flooding of the market with different wattage movers, high abilities, and very competitive price is great, means I can do more for less and makes clients happy.

A few big problems I have with Elation is shipping, product availability, durability, and quality control. Fix these things, and I feel you guys are well on your way to becoming a big player in the market. This is coming from someone who uses Martin and Vari-Lights for just about all my events.
I have invested heavily in elation and my main complaint is that I feel that the customer service needs help. I like where they are heading but I am unwilling to continue with this years spending until somehow I feel that they are improving or are at least willing to listen. I know specifications are subject to change but I have had two times where I ordered two sets of lights as little as one month apart and received two different versions. This makes building systems of like units harder. I am glad to see that the New design 60LED allows you to remove the lenses and change filters, I just wish that when we suggested that after we got the first six that we were not sent a form letter dinking us and would have been told that it was in the works. I really wish that all 12 units that I have now worked the same. Same goes for the two sets of octo strips. It was like pulling teeth to make someone listen and send us matching control units.
Problem is jingles that your middle men don't do their job real well. I can tell you I ordered a PS575, within one month, the lens in the front had fallen out, and the dimmer didn't work. It also had a few other issues. They sent my advanced replacement out late, despite saying it would be there a certain day, and because it that, it hurt a show I was doing and lost money on it.

About 6 months later, I ordered 2 PS575IEs. One light, 2nd show I used it for, about 3 weeks old and under 50 hours total run time on it, lamp went out. Called it in, and Elation did nothing. So I have a lamp over nighted for about $350 after all said and done, because show opened next day. A few months later, the same light this time with about 100 hours on the new lamp goes out again. I take the lamp and place it in its twin fixture, and strikes no problem. The ballast must be bad then. I took the old lamp which I still had and placed it in the twin fixture and it struck as well, after a few months of sitting.

So I call it in again, and request an advance replacement because I had yet another show coming up which I needed it for. Denied, because they claimed it developed the issue too late, despite the fact it had the issue with 50 hours on it and 2 weeks old. So I ship it back, and rent gear for my next show.

Elation claimed there was nothing wrong with the light after it arrived at your shop in LA. I told them my issues, and said it must be the ballast, it don't pass enough voltage to keep the lamps lit or strike them, which work just fine in its twin fixture. So, they grudgingly replaced the ballast. When my light arrived back, it was beat up. Dents and scratches in the base, which weren't there went I shipped it. I also shipped it in the factory box, in factory foam, which had no dents, cut outs, etc. in it upon inspection. I didn't raise the issue because Elation has problems with costumer service as stated by PU lighitng.

Another horror story for you, I ordered some DLED 36s, RGB. One was white and amber, straight out of a DLED 36 RGB box. I call this in, no advance replacement, and it took forever to get an R/A, a few months to be exact.

Proton Color strobes, love them. Problem is, I have 3 and they keep going back every other month or so because they stop working.

I am sorry jingles, but that quality control, shipping, and costumer service. As for durability, I can tell you all about my Opti Pars, which I now only use Source Four Pars and ParNels because of my experiences. And product availability, had a friend order a bunch of gear a few months ago, and is still waiting for some stuff.

If you would like to hear more, I have more. Your middle men filter a lot of what you guys actually hear. I love you products because of price to performance ratio, but there are issues. Here, I and others are talking directly to the source, Elation themselves, where as talking with dealers and reps, you don't hear the horror stories.
To Serra and PU: i am sorry you guys have had problems in these areas with elation gear. while i am relatively new to the company(i started in the middle of dec.) i can tell you without a doubt that elation strives for customer satifaction adn while we do that im sure a lot of things can happen and can go wrong. but i can say that this company will and probably already is trying to improve on their short comings and given time they will make improvements to ensure even more customer satisfaction. sincerely,

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