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I have 4 Platinum 1200 Wash fixtures, all set to the same profile and in dmx mode and running through a Jands L5 using extended profile. Two fixtures work great, no issues and have been in services for years. The other two are not installed permanently. I put them in service for a special event and when powered on, pixels 8-19 will not fire. I tried manually testing and in test mode and they will not work. The fans spin up like the LEDs are firing but do not light up.

I've called Elation support and had not success. I've replaced the LED driver in one light and it did not fix. Factory reset does not help either. Any ideas?


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     To whom it may concern,

Good afternoon, it was actually me that you spoke directly.

As I mentioned in my email replies (after your original call), it's most likely going to be a bad display PCB. After replacing the LED driver, the next option is replacing the display PCB which holds all of the main logic. I had suggested trying to swap out the display PCB from a known, working fixture and seeing if that rectified your issue.

One thing I did mentinon was if swapping out the display did rectify your issue, was that unfortunately we no longer stock the display PCB. This PCB has been discontinued for quite some time and parts are limited. You may want to consider using this fixture for parts if that is the case, for the rest of your fixtures.

I'm sorry if you feel you had no success with our service, however there is nothing else I could recommend at this point in time.

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