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I have recently gotten set up with the Emulation software and have several lights that are not already setup inside of this program. I have tried making my own profiles for them but haven't had much luck (especially with lights with multiple colors and such). The lights that I need profiles for are:

Blizzard Lighting Blade QFX 25 Channel
American DJ Inno Spot LED 10 Channel
American DJ Mega Bar RGBA 34 Channel
Chauvet SlimPAR64 RGBA 8 Channels

If anyone can get me these that would be great!
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what version of the software do you have? the current build has all the updated profiles.

1.03.40 is the latest.
I have that version. And I just double checked. The Mega Bar RGBA and SlimPAR64 are in it but I am still missing profiles for the Blizzard Blade QFX 25 Channel and the American DJ Inno Spot LED 10 Channel.
send me the user manuals for both those fixtures. i will build them for you.


I'm in a similar situation. I have the emulation software but I need a profile for the following:

Chauvet SlimPAR 64 RGBA 8 Channel

Also, I have a question regarding the Emulation software. I've been working with it for about 6 months, and the most of what I've learned has been from just trying stuff out. However, there are questions/issues that I'm running into that I don't understand. The manual they send is very basic, so is there any other instructional book or video that you know of that would help?

I appreciate any help you could offer.



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