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I have been a Compu Live user for years. Always have loved the program, but the time has finally come for me to upgrade. Obviously Compu Show is one of the programs I am looking at.

Question. How does Compu Show work with high channel led lights? I have some lights such as ADJ Mega Pixel Arches, and Chauvet ColorRails. Compu Live worked well with these lights, but I was never able to use them in anything higher than 7 channel mode. Would I be able to use full 24 channels with Compu Show? Thanks.
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You can use them in full extended mode with no issues. You can also matrix them to extend patterns and other cool functions
Does Elation/ ADJ have any tutorial videos on YouTube or anywhere else? I feel like I am completely starting over from scratch again. Thanks!
there are no "official" videos, however, there are many many videos on youtube from users that have posted different ways to do different things....
I would like to say that I found it an easy transition from Live to Show. There are some changes but it only took a couple days for me to get comfortable. I would recommend sitting down and reading the whole manual, even the stuff you think you know. It is put together well and will give you a good base.
yes, exactly, compushow is basically a step up from compu live...a lot of the same features mainly rearanged but all there
FYI - You were correct. Reading through the manual has done wonders for me. Reading through the stuff I even thought I knew was dead on. I'm not there yet, but I am at least feeling functional now. Thanks.

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