hey all i hada question about thr vision scan 250. if i am using just a open spot and i unfocus the beam will it kinda work as a wash light or will there still be a hard edge? im not trying to get a wash light out if this unit im just curious as to what all i can do with it. peace! jingles! Smiler
anybody know where i can find an in depth review of the vison scan 250? thanks!
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Hi Jingles,
with the Vision Scan 250 out of focus you will still have a spot.
However you need to remember that when you project gobos, a lot of times you will want them out of focus to give you different effects.
But to answer your question you will still have a spot.
i recently purchased 4 mac entours, 2 visionscan 250`s and a magic 260 controller. i`m having trouble getting to show my scenes in action...i`m really not a software guy, more hardware. i also have a dmx 192 operator w/ joy. just looking for great advice since i upgraded my lightshow from 6 Trackspots w/ universal controller (which i mastered) and wish it didn`t have lightwave protocol. let me know guys...thanx
what exactly are you having trouble with?? let me know so i can fihure out how to help you. also i don't know how to operate the magic 260 console but i do know a lot of the ins and outs of the operator 192. peace! jingles!!
Hi DJ,
Those six lights are a nice set up. Your show will be looking good.

What you need to learn is a few things to get going.

1. make sure you assing the right light to your fixture buttons.
I'm not sure if the entour is in the memory of the magic so you may need to download the profile from the website and load it into your board using your U-link cable.
If you don't have the u-link cable then you should get it.
Once the fixtures are assigned the next step is to learn how to create 1 scene.
The rest is cake walk from there.

Best regards,
guys, thanx for the input, i decided to use the Compu Live for my visionscan 250`s and mac entours...should be a little easier for me. thanx again....

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