Hi all,
I am currently creating my largest show to date (my wedding). I wanted to do something a bit special but also want to structure the show so it is stand alone once the entertainment begins.

I have all of the positions and FX created for movers which are not needed until entertainment.

Wash lighting is straight forwad enough, just a scene for pre meal, post meal and the change over.

What I need help with it:

I want to create 3 cuelists that are more or less stand alone that I can trigger from my iPhone during the night so I am not at the midicon

1-Slow-Medium chases

What I am asking is how do I combine scenes to trigger at different times:

So for 1

it would be chases for wash lights
Position effects for movers
at different times then dimmer and stroke effects would trigger

So as the lights are chasing at 1 minute intervals I could have a wave pattern trigger on the washes
Then maybe every 2 minutes I could trigger strobing effect on the movers
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