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This is my first time posting on these forums, so please let me know if there is a better place for me to post about this (I searched and couldn't find any posts about similar issues).

I work at a company with several Elation Show Designer 1s. They have been reliable, but we had ordered a new set of them a little while back that seem to have been from a different series of production, despite being the same unit type (Show Designer 1). I say this because our original units had blue backlit LED screens on them, while these ones have green backlit LED screens, so I don't know if there is something different about this version that I am not aware of.

The issue that we are having is with one of the units having completely frozen up on us. At first, it was unresponsive to commands and the text displayed on the screen seemed unaffected by any of the buttons pressed, etc. Upon turning it off and on again, the LED screen on the Show Designer 1 now just displayed black squares in all of the spots where text would normally appear, none of the Red indicator lights on the board were on, and even holding the menu and erase buttons doesn't seem to elicit any feedback.

I tried using the SD File Transfer application with the recommended Null Modem USB-RS232 cable from StarTech to upload the software version listed on the Show Designer 1 page, but after the upload process finished in the application, it didn't seem to have any effect on the unit itself. Tried turning off and on again, but still nothing but black squares on the screen. Is the unit just shorted out? We're gonna be back in major production season again soon enough and we really don't want to have to purchase a whole new unit, especially if there's a chance it will just brick on us too.

Any help or insight would be appreciated, and please ask for more information as needed!

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greetings if you are comfortable working on the unit the try the following: with the units unplugged open it up.. you will see a large PCB with multiple E-proms. 

make sure they are properly seated then retest.. if successful then close the unit up and enjoy

if not then you may need to send it in for repair: for RMA requests email  RMA @ELATION LIGHTING.COM 

Thanks for your reply, Ela! I just got off the phone with support and they said something similar about the PCB and sent me a RMA request form. I'm curious though, since that repair sounds like something that I would feel comfortable trying, do you know if opening the unit would void my warranty and make it so that I could no longer send it in for an RMA repair?

To whom it may concern,

The display PCB's have changed in time but it's the same operating system. It could be either a bad display or a bad PCB inside. If it's within the 2 year warranty your best bet would be to send it in for warranty repair. You can always send an email to to set you up with a RMA to send it in.

If it's not under warranty anymore and if you have another working unit with the same color display, you can always start by trying to swap out the display PCB from a working unit to see if it rectifies the issue. If does you can either order the part online from our parts website. Or you can contact Elation customer support at 323.213.42593 between 8AM - 4:30PM PST and order it over the phone. If you have any further questions please contact Elation customer support at 



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