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ok im trying to get my lights to run to music i have 2 sound cards in my computer one on the mother board and one in a slot on the motherboard.

i went to the starting parameters and clicked on the audio / midi tab and then clicked on the first box with the speaker.

then i went to the switch o wanted to run to sound and opened up the edit for that switch and turned on the power button to active sound to light

.. i played music and got nothing

it asked to to adjust the recording mixing table in windows to give me access to sound

but where do i find that ?
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You have to link your outputs to some channels like in this pic:

simply choose one of the types of sound response you want and click on the small rectangle underneath it. then mouse over the area i circled in red on the channels you wish to have respond to the sound click on them then they will respond to the sound. As far as the record mixing table for windows I am not sure. It's probably a setting in the sound adjustment in the control panel for your windows OS.

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