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I have 10 enode 2's deployed in my church. We are running sACN with a Jands L5 console.

I have 5 nodes on firmware version 1.3 that have no problems.

I have 2 node that are version 1.4, and 3 that are 1.5.

The 1.4 & 1.5 work fine when they are first plugged in, but the next day they do not respond (or respond slowly) to any dmx commands (we leave the nodes running 24/7). The activity light is slow on them also. If I unplug the cat5 cable and plug it back in everything works fine again for another day.

I also have chauvet dmx-an2's, I can plug these into the same jacks and everything works perfectly.

What is wrong, should I just replace them all with the chauvet's? 

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