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I am working with a local church regarding some new lighting and have a few questions.   
I am looking at the following lights:
-Elation KL Fresnel 6 150W 3000K
-Elation KL Fresnel 4 50W 3000K

Four of the 6" Fresnels across the front.   Two 4" Fresnels for backlighting the main speaker and another two 4" Fresnel for additional lighting.
My main question regards controlling theses lights.   The church uses the following for lighting control:
      -ADJ  DP-DMX20L 4 channel Dimmer Packs (qty4)IMG20221217104409
      -Stage Setter-8 Fader control board.
Will this equipment work together?  If not, what would be a  solution for lighting control?   I do see where the lights will stand alone in a sort of "set it and forget it" mode.   Is this correct? Open to any thoughts or suggestions.
Thank You


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