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I have a Elation DMX Operator and I can only seem to get all 3 to move exactly the same.
Also.. the channels are all screwed up... channel 5 is supposed to be color... but on the controller it is channel 8 and channel 5 controls fine left and right.

I dont know what the problem is. I called elation tech support, but both the guys I spoke to seemed to have no idea what they were talking about. The first guy was clueless as to how DMX operated just in general... and the second grabbed the owner manual to give me info I already knew... plus it was the wrong info.

Support mentioned that since my lights are 15 channels that I must set one light to D001 the next to D0016 and the third to D032. But this just throws the lights into a frenzy and screws everything up.

I want to be able to control pan/tilt/color/gobo etc. of each light individually and program my scenes. But I cant seem to get them off the same channel which one is being controlled (they all do exactly the same thing)


if I just want to use sound activated mode but in Master/Slave modes... again... they all copy each other exactly.. I dont want this... I want them to do a light show all with a pattern of lights and designs that work together.

I've got a show Friday and would REALLY LOVE for these lights to work right. My cheepo American DJ scan 250's have the ability to do a sound activated light show with patterns and multiple color scenes for each light, so its hard to believe that these Power Spot 250's dont have the same option.

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Hi Xplitz,

It sounds like the lights are all set to the same address - so they are basically clones of each other, and will all do the same thing. Support is right about the address settings - it must be set correctly to control each light individually. The mistake here is that the DMX Operator has specific channel ranges per scanner. Scanner 1 = channels 1-16, Scanner 2 = channels 17-32, etc. So try setting your base addresses to D001, D017, and D033. That should get you individual control.

Make sure all 3 lights are set to DMX mode G - 15 channels. The DMX protocol for these lights is defined starting on page 29 of the manual.

For stand alone Master/Slave operation, make sure you follow the instructions on page 27-28 of the manual. First light set to master, the rest to slave. I would even consider inverting the pan/tilt on one of the slave lights to vary the show some more.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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