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looking at the user manual, there is no dimmer function that can be created for a profile. The only way you can dim it would be using the values for rgb and reduce them equally. Best of luck on this
I have found a way around this...

Hold Shift and right click on each scene or switch you need to be able to dim. Then click "Show Faders: Dimmer". Then I assign one fader on my controller to controller the dimmer fader for all of the scenes/switches.

Kind of time-consuming when you have to do this with dozens of scenes, but once done, it works great

Just a suggestion for a possible future feature. Since it is possible to tell the software to dim a group of fixtures without a dimmer channel, would it be too difficult to go a step further and make this so we can do dimmer effects on individual channels to make chases and such?

For example, I use a bunch of LED par cans with no dimmer channel. When I program a chase, I have to program a chase for each color and color combination...very time-consuming and error-prone when you get in a hurry, plus my pages fill up pretty quickly with different scenes and switches.

If it was possible to create a virtual dimmer channel for each individual fixture, I could use my pre-programmed color palettes and create just a couple different dimmer effects, rather than having to recreate dozens of different color combinations for each effect i wish to use. This would also clear up and organize page layouts drastically!!
it is possible, but unlikely since the EFX generator does this all automatically

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