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Again sorry about not seeing this right away. you can download the American DJ xml here:
do you know where to place the xml files for emulation to see this? Let me know.

Also a few notes about the royal sky laser profile. I made it a little differently than I usually do. I'll run through the programmer side parts and their functions for the light.
Beam: has zoom control full channel range from 0-255.
Position: has only the speed fader for the whole channel 0-255 for up and down movement and left and right. This is channel 4 on the laser.
Color fix: has the black out and green and blue buttons. The SCRL is for the blanking of the laser. That is just a fader from values 16-247.
gobo has all 20 patters and the Rot 1 is the rotation control channel for ch 5 on the laser.
That's it.
any questions let me know.
Thanks for getting on that so quick! Not being sarcastic lol.

All set got it copied in there, will be able to test Wed. at load-in since they are buried in the trailer atm lol will let you know how it works but I like how you laid it out.

I'll be running 2 Elation Platinum Spot 5R Pro's, 2 chauvet 72 batten strips, 8 ADJ Mega24 strips, and these lasers as a floor package with the Midicon and Emulation = wish me luck Smiler

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