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I was wondering if there was anyway of going from scene to scene without using the cuelist function. I like to be able to have more control over what scene plays next and sometimes I want to throw up a scene not in the cuelist that I have already programed and I was wondering if I had the capabilities to do that. I am using the midicon board and i have begun to fill up the memory recall section but every time I want to jump to the next scene it gives me a mix of the 2 scenes instead of the scene I want to go to next. Any ideas?
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Hey jarell. You know I'm not too sure. The program is cue list based. It is designed as best way to program is cue lists. The cues that mix, is it rgb LEDs that mix the two colors together? Or does everything mix? Let me check this out and I will let you know most likely tomorrow.
I notice it the most with our LEDs when they transition between the two colors. It would be really cool if that feature could be added in a software update. I do think I will use stacks more often now but I do like the control of throwing an audible and choosing the next scene instead of going to the next scene in the cuelist or going back a scene. thanks for your response it is always too fast.
Jarell, I figured out some answers for you. If you go to options and in the general section there is a box with a "X" in it for Colour mix HTP. If you uncheck it this should disable the two cues colors fro mixing together.

About your two cues overlapping, you have to release the current cue just before you start the second cue. to release the cue hold down the play button for the cue until it turns red. then just before it turns red press your next cue button. Try this let me know how it works.
You are awesome. When do you sleep? Do you work throughout the day and night?

If we can nail down jumping from cue 1 to 3 in a cuelist or cue 2 from playback 1 to cue 4 in playback 2 I will be all set.

Thanks again.
HAHA. I DO sleep. But pretty soon I won't be on the forums at night a whole lot. Cause if I am up late I over sleep and am late for work in the morning. Big Grin But let me check this out and I'll let you know. Thanks.
I was looking through the specs on Compu Live and i was wondering if Emulation will ever progress to some more advance features ie. 3d stage visualization, automated fixture movements, and so on? I ask because there isn't a mac version.
Well you can use a 3rd party 3D viz. program with emulation but you need to have a art net module to do so.
As far as new stuff, All I'll say is there may or may not be something in the works Wink

Also if you like the specs for compu Live, Check out Compu Show. Smiler Compu Show is amazing. Smiler
Still working on an answer for you.
I was just told that Emulation doesn't have a "Jump" function. there are only two ways to change the order of a cue list.
1) go into the cue list and change the order.
2) Double click the cue in the playback settings (not a midi function for this, has to be done manually)
Hey I've got a question for you. It says in the Midicon manual that the touchpad controls the global functions ie fog, strobe, blinder. But when I press I believe it is 9,10,11 respectively it does not activate the globals but instead carries out other functions. Is there any way for you guys to map out the globals for the Midicon?
I don't see where it says in the midi con manual that the touch pads use the Globals. Is this the one available online? or the printed manual?
Can you tell me a page number on the manual where it says this?
touchpad 9 seems to be inactive, Touchpad 10 allows me scroll through (left) the fixtures on the main screen, touchpad 11 allows me to scroll through the fixtures on the main screen (right) and touchpad 12 allows me to tap tempo.
I believe the touchpads are pretty standard but it would be great to be able to run everything off of the midicontroller.
The midicon *used* to control the global functions, but after a certain update (couldn't tell you which one) the midimap for the midicon changed. I personally don't use the globals, so it was a change for the better for me, but if you like the old way, I imagine you could try and get your hands on the old midimap file, or you could manually change it to fit your needs. Just look in the midimap folder of the program for midicon.xml. Next step is to open the file with a text editor. Then you have to find which midi information is linked to which button, and replace it accordingly. It might take some time, but if you look at different midimaps (some of which still have globals mapped to controls) you will eventually find the code you need, and it is simple as copy and pasting. NOTE: After you do make your own midimap, make sure you put it in the USER folder of emulation. Otherwise it will get erased when you upgrade to new versions. Hoped this helped!
Michael I am not a programmer and I am not about to go into this this 15 page code and tinker with it and hope it comes out fine on the other side. If this isn't something that you guys are willing to do that's cool but this isn't an acceptable solution. Between the software, the controller and the opto branch I have spent over 1500 dollars and I should be able to have full functionality rather than end up with a version where someone else didn't think it was important. Considering what the touch pads were replaced with it lost a ton of functionality.
Jarell, Let me verify that the touchpads have been changed and that it is not some sort of bug or oversight and I will let you know. most likely tomorrow.
Thank you James,

If it something that you guys don't want to do it really is cool. But I just don't want the run around about how it isn't a valuable feature or that you could search the internet and hopefully find the right code. You are great as always.
no of course not. I don't get paid to give you guys the run around, I get paid to give you guys answers and help you out. I'm talking with one of our devs right now.
OK so I found out that we did update the midi map and unfortunately there is no more triggers for the global functions. Frowner
Here is the new midi map.
Hey thanks for your work on this. I've been looking on the internet for the old firmware for the midicon but no luck. Do you guys still have any of the old firmwares or do you guys dump them once you update?
believe it or not you have EVERY single install of emulation still on your computer as long as you did not uninstall and then re install from the new .exe file or .dmg.
Are you mac or windows? I know how to find it on windows but not mac. Let me know. If you figure out the release version and build you can then copy the elation.xml midi map file and back it up and continue to do so after every update.
On Mac OS X your Emulation file will be found in the Applications Folder. Once you've installed the latest version of Emulation you can either delete or replace the Emulation file in that folder. Hope this helps out...

I feel like I've already responded to this question in a different thread, but the Midicon *used* to control globals on the touch sensitive keys. They changed this in one of the recent updates. To switch back to this, you have to edit the Midicon's Midimap file which can be done with a simple text editor, or you can ask the nice people at Elation to send you a midimap of the midicon from an older build. Hope this helps!

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Did this ever get updated/fixed? By that I mean are the globals now included in midicon midi map? I am thinking about buying Emulation and a Midicon controller together some time soon and would like to be able to use globals. Cheers Smiler

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