I have an SD1 that is working fine but I have recently purchased a couple of Optima Matrix Pro dimmer packs.  THey are supposed to work in 1, 2, and 4 channel modes.  They work in 1 and 2 channel modes but fail in 4 channel mode.  I have contacted the seller but they have no answers.

I have suggested several times that it may be my programming but they are not familiar with the SD1.  I am creating it as a Generic Dimmer and assigning 4 channels to it.  I have tried 4 different dimmer packs and all 4 result in the same functionality.

Can anyone help me with what I assume as the correct programming of the SD1?

Thanks in advance for your help. :-)

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Hi, this should all work fine, as long as the patch is correct and the packs themselves  are in the correct mode and address, if  it works  in 1 and 2ch, it should work in 4ch.  


After multiple tests using either of the Generic Dimmers definitions… I found that one definition is only 2 chnl and the other definition is 3 chnls. Instead of defining it as a Generic Dimmer pack I used RGBW and now I have all 4 channels working fine.

Thanks, Phillip


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