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When I try to record a new scene after pressing "record" and then "scene", the lights will be reverted to the previous scene used before I can assign a number to the new scene. I have deselected all fixtures, presets and scenes before attempting to setup and record the new scene. This issue started a while ago and went away on its own, but now it is back and won't go away. The software is up to date (1.20). Any ideas?

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Good afternoon I'd like you to record a few scenes, but before recording them and what not I'd like for you to hold the BLACK button for a few seconds so that the LED button turns on and shuts off. This will bring all your DMX channels to zero. Now try selecting your fixtures and recording a few new scenes (holding the BLACK button first before recording each of them). Let me know if this resolves your issue.


Thank you for getting back so quickly. I have attempted your suggestion several times , but I am still getting the same results as before. Is there any way to do a factory reset? I realize I may have to reload profiles and patch all the fixtures again, but this might also fix another issue we have been having with the color LED bars "dancing" instead of just fading into new scene. Our second issue is not that important due to the fact that normally I set the stage color and leave it alone though out the service, but it is rather annoying.

You can Erase All Memory on your controller and bring it back to factory specs by holding down the MENU and ADD buttons at the same time and scrolling through the menu until you get to Erase All Memory. Once you're there press ENTER and follow the instructions.

The only way to access Erase All Memory is by holding these 2 buttons. It could be that some sort of file may have corrupted on your SD2CF causing these issues so that's not a bad idea.

Another thing I'd like you to do is get in the habit of pressing and holding the BLACK button and bringing all your DMX channels to zero from time to time when you're programming. We recommend doing this like every 5-10 minutes when programming because this helps clear the memory buffer on the SD2CF that way no unwanted data from a previous scene for instance is stored on the memory.

Just a heads up if by chance you Erase All Memory, reload your fixtures profiles, program new scenes (while holding down the BLACK button from time to time) and you still have previous scene data coming up when programming, then it could be possible there might be an internal problem with your SD2CF on one of the PC Boards. It might need to be sent in for service after that. I just thought I'd bring that to your attention.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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